George Lopez at The IP in March

Posted on 9th March 2012 in Biloxi Entertainment | Comments (0)
George Lopez

George Lopez at the IP

Hispanic Comedian and talk-show host is coming to the Imperial Palace on March 24th at 8:00 pm.  Tickets are running from $65-$85 depending on your seats, and there are still tickets available.

Lopez is a funny guy.  His talk show on TBS was actually pretty good.  He was known for long monologues where he would expound on race and the stupidities of celebrities.  His standup is much more extreme than his talk show and when he rolls uncensored, he provides his funniest materials.  Naturally Hispanic comedians like to center on the issues between the races, but he also has a more educated and conservative style that adds to his racial humor.  This is a great attraction to come to Biloxi and easily the best show at the IP in March.

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